Behavior and Attendance Policies

The information presented here applies generally to all classes as I try to be consistent in all of my courses. However, by the very nature of some of the curricula, some differences do exist. Those caveats to the below information will be specified on the syllabus for that class. Always rely upon the syllabus first for information as it supersedes this information.

Classroom Behavior Policies

You will respect everyone’s opinions and ideas no matter how different from your own. Lack of respect toward classmates will not be tolerated.

You will also bring all required materials and resources to class every day. This includes, but is not limited to, writing devices, paper, textbooks, AP Stylebooks, et cetera.


You may use a laptop or tablet to take notes during course sessions.

You are not allowed to have your cell phone ringer or alert notifications on during class.

Students found texting or using computers for anything other than note taking during class will be asked to discontinue the practice or leave.

Repeated issues will result in the lowering of your attendance/participation grade.

Attendance Policies

You are required to attend the class. The following points serve as clarification to any questions about this policy that you might have.

1.) There is no such thing as an excused absence. If you are unable to attend and it should be excused, I should receive an e-mail from the Academic Dean’s office indicating the validity of your excuse.

2.) If you miss more than 4 class periods, you will lose all of your exercise points.

3.) If you miss more than 8 class periods, you will fail the course.

4.) Students greater than or equal to 5 minutes late to class will be considered absent – unexcused

• 2 times tardy (< 5 minutes late) equal 1 unexcused absence

5.) Students who miss class are responsible for knowing material covered in class and for completing all assignments and exercises.

6.) In case of a death in the family, please notify me before class and as soon as possible. This is your responsibility.

7.) Athletic and performance-based absences are permitted only with prior notification.

• Even if you are gone for an athletic event, understanding the course material still is your responsibility.

• Missing class for any activity does not grant an excuse for gaps in knowledge in this content area. Extra leniency will not be applied to essays, quizzes, tests, or assignments to compensate for missing class.

8.) Being physically present does not mean that you are in attendance.

• Students who violate the aforementioned classroom behavior policies will not be considered in attendance for the days in which classroom behavior policies are violated.

• Students who choose to nap in class will also not be considered present.

9.) Under some circumstances, I reserve the right to not mark a person absent.