About Todd Vogts

My name is Todd Vogts. I am an assistant professor of journalism at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas.

I earned my Master of Arts in Media Management degree from the University of Missouri in Spring 2018. Prior to this, I earned my Master of Science in Education degree from Fort Hays State University in Spring 2012.

My undergraduate degree in Communication is from Wichita State University (I earned my AA in Journalism from Hutchinson Community College before that). Before deciding to embark on this journey into education, I ran a weekly newspaper in Moundridge, Kansas. I was also a weekly columnist for the McPherson (Kan.) Sentinel and an intern at The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle. I have worked in radio and for other publications.

I am a bit of an entrepreneur. I own a publishing company called Lucky 7 Publishing. I also own my own djing company, which provides music for birthdays, wedding receptions, school dances and really anything else a person could want music for. My brother is my helper, and we have traveled across the state of Kansas and into Nebraska and Missouri djing.

In my limited free time, I like to volunteer for different events (Relay for Life in two counties and the American Legion Boys State of Kansas, for example).

Also, I like to read books and write. In fact, I published a novel. It is titled “Murder at St. Alfanus,” and it can be purchased at www.toddvogtsamazon.com and www.toddvogtsbarnesandnoble.com. You can also visit my website at www.authortoddvogts.com for more information about my writing career.

I grew up in Canton, Kansas, and I attended Canton-Galva High School.

I got married to my lovely, smart and talented wife in July 2015. We had our first child, a daughter, in September 2017. Along with them, family and friends are very important to me. They always come first.

I like to lead a busier life. I hate being bored. Of course, I do enjoy a little downtime when I get to ride my motorcycle around the state. It’s even better when my wife rides along.

When asked why I got into journalism, I always explain that it probably started because of smoking.

I helped deliver a weekly advertising publication when I was younger, and one night my friend and I finished with extra copies. We couldn’t return them, so we decided to burn them.

As we did so, I pretended to smoke one like a cigar, and I accidentally inhaled. In my naivete, I panicked because I thought I would become addicted to smoking.

Obviously, that is not how the habit works, but I like to tell people I am addicted to journalism because of that night.

I got bit by the teacher bug while in college.

I had some great educators, and they made me want to become a teacher at some point in my career.

Those teachers that have had the largest impact upon me are Canton-Galva teachers Kathy Becker and Karen Schrag; HCC teachers Alan Montgomery and Janet Hallford; and WSU teachers Amy DeVault, Les Anderson and Jeffrey Jarman.

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